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About Scott Clendaniel and Real Art Is Better!

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Scott Clendaniel has always been a creative soul, and was lucky enough to have a mother who encouraged him to become an artist. Clendaniel studied art in college and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. There were a couple years when his fine art career took a back seat to an eight-to-five graphic designer job at an office, but he quit the job in 2005 to pursue a fine art career full-time. This encouraged his wife, Maria Benner, to also free herself from the rigid lifestyle of a traditional employee. In 2009, after Benner quit her job, the couple began a multi-year traveling adventure. They rode their tandem bike along the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico, toured around Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan, and rode bicycles across northern Europe. Between each trip, they came back to Alaska to spend summers in McCarthy, a small town in Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, to build a log cabin on their 10-acre wooded property.
After getting the “traveling bug” out of their system, the couple decided to focus full time on Clendaniel’s fine art career. Benner became the Business and Marketing Manager, and Clendaniel focuses on painting.
The art business is called Real Art Is Better. Although there is no widely-accepted definition of "real art", we all know it when we see it. Once you start collecting Real Art, anything else is just not good enough.

Clendaniel is a Real Artist.
• He paints in his studio in downtown Anchorage, and in plein air (a French term meaning “in the open air”). Clendaniel brings his plein-air painting kit when he travels.
• He accepts commissions that are highly customized to the individual. He takes into consideration the recipients’ hobbies, favorite places, and special things.
• Clendaniel’s paintings are textural and colorful. One of his most popular subject matters is beer. He also paints dichotomous scenes of humans’ interaction with the natural environment. His subject matter evolves with his experiences.

Clendaniel makes Real Art.
• Each painting is made completely from “scratch”. He creates his own painting supports. Clendaniel prefers to paint on wood panel because it is durable, but when he uses canvas, he stretches his own.
• Clendaniel is committed to avoiding toxic chemicals in his studio. He uses artist-grade oil paints that do not contain any toxic solvents.
• Each painting support is primed with three coats of white primer, a layer of red, and a thin coat of gold paint. The red and gold shimmer through gaps in the oil paint, making Clendaniel originals glow when light hits them at certain angles. This is Clendaniel's signature technique.
• Each limited-edition art print and art card is printed in the studio on a professional printer with archival ink, numbered and signed by the artist, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Clendaniel’s artwork is available for sale at his Etsy shop – Real Art Is Better.

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Real Art Is Better!

Scott Clendaniel

Anchorage and McCarthy, Alaska


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Studio Address:

333 W. 4th Ave, Suite 4, Anchorage, AK 99501

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